Oral-B Professional Care 500

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The Oral-B Professional Care 500 is the entry level Oral-b electric toothbrush from thr award winning Braun Oral-B Professional Care series. These rechargeable electric toothbrushes make use of the Oral-B rotating oscillation system to clean teeth and stimulate gums. See below for more details.

How the Professional Care 500 functions

The Professional Care 500 is an Oral-b electric toothbrush with a “rotating oscillation” mechanism. The Oral-B Professional Care 500 motor produces 7,600 little rotations and 20,000 micro side to side motions (oscillations) every minute.


This tireless (and harmless) activity brushes off and sweeps away the bacterial plaque that is usually the culprit in tooth decay, gum bleed and bad breath. Finally, the Oral-B Professional Care 500’s Precision Clean brush head is designed to sweep debris below the gum line. All you have to do is rinse for a clean and refreshed mouth.

Oral-B Professional Care 500 – What’s NOT in the box?

The only things missing from the Professional Care 500 box are a couple of things you can easily supply yourself:

• 1 x 2 pin adaptor plug
• Power to charge up the battery

Of course, this rechargeable Oral-B 500 is designed for completely safe use in the wet and dry of a bathroom – after all it has a waterproof, sealed battery and motor. However, it’s safe practice to charge your Oral-B Professional Care 500 away from the bathroom.

Professional Care 500 Box Contents

The Professional Care 500 is presented in a box containing all you need to enjoy the labour-saving benefits of teeth cleaning with a rechargeable Oral-b electric toothbrush:

1 x Professional Care 500 Oral-b electric toothbrushOral-B Professional Care 500 budget toothbrush reviews
2 x standard formulation Precision clean toothbrush heads*
1 x Pressure sensor to help avoid over brushing
1 x electric toothbrush mode: Daily Clean
1 x Rechargeable battery (sealed in handle)
1 x Recharging stand**
1 x Low charge and recharging LED light
1 x Oral-B Professional Care 500 User Instructions
1 x 2 year guarantee
1 x EU Electrical goods recycling & material recovery compliance

* sensitive brush head available separately
** 2 pin plug adapter may be required in UK

Oral-B Professional Care 500 – Brush Head Benefits

The Oral-B Professional Care 500 is provided with two, not one, standard formulation Oral-B Precision Clean brush heads. That’s enough brushes for around a whole year of teeth cleaning.

• Effortless 7,600 brushing cleaning rotations a minute
• Brush head has firm but gentle plaque busting bristles
• Plus effective debris removal with 20,000 oscillations a minute
• Teases & removes debris from crevices
• Small Professional Care 500 head reaches to back teeth
• Indicator bristles fade to prompt a change of brush head
• Safe to operate on crowns, dental implants, bridges and braces
• Sensitive brush head available – see Oral-B Brush Heads page

Finding replacement Oral-B brush heads is a simple task. The Oral-B Professional Care 500 is designed to take any of the Braun Oral-B interchangeable brush heads. There’s also a special SENSITIVE formulation brush head available too. For details see the Oral-B Brush Heads page here.

Professional Care 500 – Teeth Brushing Benefits

• Labour saving and great cleaning results
• Slim handle & light weight for precise, gentle brushing
• Oral-B Professional Care 500 also stimulates gums
• Helps prevent gum bleed and recession

Oral-B Professional Care 500 Re-chargeable Battery

• Long lasting rechargeable battery life
• Battery is waterproof sealed in handle
• Single battery charge cleans teeth for approx 14 x 2 min sessions
• Provides up to 7 days continuous use per recharge
• Professional Care 500 battery recharge takes around 6 hours

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Professional Care 500 Instructions

• Easy use illustrated instructions!
Oral-B Professional Care 500 is so easy to operate
• 2 year guarantee starts on day of purchase
• Register guarantee by post or on-line

Oral-B Professional Care 500 – Easy Recycling

• Professional Care 500 complies with UK/EU requirements
• At end of the Oral-b electric toothbrush’s life simply put it
  in the re-cycling box for materials re-use

Oral-B Professional Care 500 Reviews

What better way to get the facts than from a buyer or user review of the Oral-B Professional Care 500. Reviews beat manufacturer’s puff to give you a better insight into this Oral-b electric toothbrush. Are buyers satisfied with their investment? How do users rate the Professional Care 500 in every day use? Get the teeth cleaning facts when you read the Oral-B Professional Care 500 Reviews here.

Compare prices on the Oral-B electric toothbrush range

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